Events in April

April 2022

Meet our colleagues in April and learn about our latest news and products!
Location: in France and in Germany.

1) EFTF and IFCS
Edgar will present in person during the EFTF and IFCS in Paris with our partner Jérôme from SIMAC BMS / WAVETEL TEST SOLUTIONS – Telecom & Networks.
Paris, France (in person) / April 24-28, 2022 / Link:
➤ Three years after the last in-person meeting, the 2022 joint EFTF and IFCS conference will be held in Paris, at the “Cité des Sciences” science museum.

Florian and Benjamin will welcome you at our Booth B5/547 during LASER World of PHOTONICS
Munich, France (in person) / April 26-29, 2022 / Link:
➤ The World’s leading trade fair for components, systems and applications of photonics is taking place again in person.

Comb Offset Frequency Detection & Stabilization

March 2022

We utilize the Octave Photonics Comb-Offset-Stabilization Module (COSMO) to detect the carrier-envelope-offset frequency (fCEO) of a Menhir Photonics 1 GHz, 1550 nm oscillator with less than 140 pJ of pulse energy (<140 mW average power). A Vescent Photonics SLICE-OPL offset-phase-lock controller provides the feedback signal to the oscillator and establishes a tight lock with only 0.26 radians of residual phase noise. Together, this demonstrates a simple method for building compact and reliable frequency comb sources at GHz repetition rates. Read more. 

Photonics West 2022

January 2022

Photonics West 2022

The largest annual international conference in optics and photonics will bring together researchers, innovators, engineers, and business leaders from across the globe. Photonics West 2022 will take place 22-27 January at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Companies from all over the world will demonstrate the latest in applications, technologies, and discoveries in optics and photonics. #SPIE #PhotonicsWest

Menhir Photonics is proud to be a part of this event. Don’t miss the  demonstration of a new improved MENHIR-1550, come and meet us at booth #3117.

Or come to talks on Tuesday 25th January 2022:

The next generation of femtosecond workhorses

January 2022

Femtosecond lasers have enabled groundbreaking research since the 1980s. But their development is progressing and more and more applications become possible. The actual strength of newer ultrafast lasers is the extreme stability of their laser pulses. The application-relevant timing jitter for these lasers is much smaller than 1 fs, which is critical for the very challenging application of distributing timing information, such as gigahertz scopes, communication lines, and precision radar.
Read what new opportunities open low-noise MENHIR-1550 series in our new article in the LaserFocusWorld.

Self-referenced optical frequency comb

December 2021

An optical frequency comb (OFC) is a photonic tool similar to a gear in mechanics. It connects the optical frequency domain (THz) to the well-known microwave domain (MHz – GHz). This guarantees a “one to one” correspondence between frequencies that differ by more than five decades, and enables ultra-high optical frequencies to be directly resolved with standard electronics. Read more about applications of MENHIR-1550 ultrafast systems in our application notes.

1 GHz dual-comb spectrometer for fast and broadband measurements

November 2021

Dual-frequency comb spectroscopy permits broadband precision spectroscopic measurements with short acquisition time. A dramatic improvement of the maximal spectral bandwidth and the minimal measurement time can be expected when the lasers’ pulse repetition rate is increased, owing to a quadratic dependence (Nyquist criterion). Read more on arXiv about a dual-comb system operating at a high repetition rate of 1 GHz based on mature, digitally-controlled, low-noise modelocked lasers.

Photonic ADC as a key element of future 6G technology

October 2021

Modern society keeps challenging the telecom technologies, demanding everh faster and more precise communications. Future 6G networks will be able to use higher frequencies than 5G networks and provide substantially higher capacity and much lower latency. However, to make it possible one needs to substantially improve the timing-jitter and enable new ultra-fast photonic digitization techniques. Read our application notes to learn more how MENHIR-1550 can be used to clock an ADC at much higher bandwidths while at same time achieving timing-jitter below 1 fs.

Timing distribution down to attoseconds

June 2021

Discover how our partner Cycle GmbH uses MENHIR-1550 lasers to achieve the highest precision in time and frequency distribution for telescopes and particles accelerators facilities. Timing distribution aims to disseminate time or frequency signals between multiple instruments and locations separated by hundreds of meters, and the best way to do that is to use light. In this last application note, we show how multiple MENHIR-1550 lasers can be synchronized together to less than 0.12 fs of timing-jitter in a very simple and stable way to generate extremely accurate optical links. Read more in our application notes.

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March 2021

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2nd generation Timing Systems for ESA Deep Space Stations 

October 2020

We are excited to announce that jointly with Cycle GmbH and  Lange-Electronic GmbH we have been awarded with the European Space Agency – ESA grant to equip the ESTRACK Deep Space ground stations with second generation Frequency and Timing Distribution Systems. Read more.