Ultrafast Optics XII / October 6-11, 2019 / Bol, Croatia

Menhir Photonics is proud to be present at this conference as sponsor but also to present results achieved with the group of Prof. Thomas Sudmeyer (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland).

Come to discuss with Pierre Brochard during the poster session on Monday to learn more about the possibilities of Menhir Photonics’ lasers.

Poster P1.15 (Tuesday October 1, 2019 from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM )
“Extraction and amplification of an optical comb line using an auxiliary continuous-wave laser in a feedforward scheme”
Pierre Brochard(1); Benjamin Rudin(2); Florian Emaury(2); Valentin Wittwer(1); Stéphane Schilt(1); Thomas Südmeyer(1);
1. Laboratoire Temps-Fréquence, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
2. Menhir Photonics AG, Basel, Switzerland

Abstract: We present a simple method based on a feedforward scheme to extract and amplify a single line of a frequency comb spectrum from a mode-locked laser that is straightforwardly applicable to arbitrary comb mode spacing. This is a benefit compared to previously reported approaches relying on optical injection locking of an auxiliary laser by the selected comb line, which becomes challenging for low repetition rate combs. The proposed method consists in transferring the frequency noise properties and stability of the selected comb line to an auxiliary laser using a feedforward scheme. The heterodyne beat signal between the laser and the comb mode is used as a driving signal in an acousto-optic modulator that shifts the frequency of the auxiliary laser while removing the laser noise. We present a proof-of-principle demonstration of this method using low-noise mode-locked lasers with different repetition rates. We show a faithful transfer of the comb noise to the auxiliary laser, which is equivalent to isolating and amplifying this comb line. The amplification factor is typically 20-30 dB. We present a detailed noise analysis and discuss the present limitations of the method.